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"My Backyard Is A Playground For Natural Photography"

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John Warner Photos and Frames

Handcrafted by: John Warner
Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada
Phone: (902) 667-3015



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John Warner Photos and Frames

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John Warner

Born in the Midlands, England. Grew-up in Moncton and Springhill. Had a project management career based in Halifax and Fredericton. Now retired to Amherst, John devotes his time to the visual arts community and his photographic/framing passions.

John presents an extraordinary flare for seascapes, landscapes and Maritime points. He especially appreciates the natural features of our Bay of Fundy, Sunrise Trail, small picturesque waterfalls and the many, many interest points – specifically through-out Cumberland County, Nova Scotia and Westmourland County New Brunswick, Canada.

John’s unique photo frames have created special attention: not only his interest in the coloured, stained, signature frames but also how the photographs are so well complemented.

John says, “it’s great to now have our own open, local venue – the Amherst Artisan Gallery”. A Gallery with one of a kind artisan products, local, handcrafted and made at home.

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